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Burn More Calories While Building More Muscle

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Do you know the advantages of gaining muscle?  Sure, you look great on the beach, but there's a lot other benefits to it as well.  Here, let me explain.

You want to burn calories?  Doing a lot of cardio does it, but not as affective as resistance training.  (ie, lifting weights)

See, when you do cardio type workouts, you are constantly moving and, therefore, you are constantly burining calories, but when the workout is over guess what?  The calorie buring is slowed WAY down.  There's nothing wrong with that, a work has happened and you should feel good about yourself.


But, we're talking about an advantage of gaining muscle, right?  And, for the purposes of this writing, we're focusing more on burining calories. 

It’s So Frustrating!

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Obviously, just from the title alone, when someone comes to this site, they understand this is a site to learn how to get fit and healthy, right?  So, a majority of my time is spent talking with people who are fit/healthy or are looking to get fit/healthy.

Well, believe it or not, there are people out there who I talk to that prefer to make excuses as to why they are NOT fit or are not GETTING fit! 


I just shake my head when I hear this.  Why?  Because working to get fitter is so easy that it amazes me when someone who claims they want to get fitter just doesn't

Be Healthier and Fitter with Common Sense!

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Let me ask you a question, "Are you healthy?"

Right away, most people answer "YES" to that question. But the true answer is, most people have no idea if they are or not.


Today, I won't get into what makes a person healthy or not healthy. Why?  Because being "healthy", if you will, is an individual thing. To one person, running a marathon means they are healthy. To someone else, being at a certain body weight is the definition of healthy. The bottom line, whatever "healthy" means to you is just that, your definition!

BUT, there are always ways to increase your health, no matter what stage of "healthy" you're in. Some of those things are (in no specific order): Eating right, exercise regularly, stay focused on your weight, and for goodness sake, stop doing stuff that isn't healthy!

Do you have to join a gym to exercise regularly? Of course not.
Do you have to go to some fancy clinic or doctor to control your weight? Nope.

Common sense is not used very often in the fitness and health field. Applying a bit of this common sense to yourself, and sticking with it, is a great start for getting fit and healthy.

What I'm saying is, nothing will happen unless