3 Simple Steps To Get Fit and Healthy

If you’ve read anything I write, you know by now I like to keep things simple.  For the “Fitness Over Fifty” crowd, we sometimes need simple!  So, I’m giving you 3 simple steps to follow to get healthier, ok?

I feel that basic, simple information will go further than complicated information. I feel this way because I believe the human mind will, eventually, grasp the simpleness of what’s going on and direct you to do whatever it is you’re doing in a more and more complex way. Or, at the least, get a deeper understanding of this simpleness and get it ingrained in your subconscious mind. In other words, it becomes second nature. Make sense?

So, that being said, let’s talk about fitness because, after all, this site is called “Top Fitness Strategies”…duh! In order to keep fitness simple, you have to do simple things, right? After all, that IS the easiest way to do it.

I will outline 3 simple steps plan to give you a little nudge towards a fitter you. If you’re already nice and fit, feel free to add to what I have to say in the comments, ok?

Step 1: Eat and Drink

Pay attention to what you eat and drink. It’s easy to say “eat clean”, but what exactly does that mean to someone who doesn’t know? So, instead of saying to “eat clean”, I simply say to watch what you put into your body. The main thing to avoid is sugar. Yes, I know, most things nowadays have sugar in them, I get it. BUT, if you really watch it, you can eliminate a LOT of sugar going into your body.

Just how does sugar affect your body? Without getting all technical, let me describe it in true TFS style. Sugar enters the body and it wants to be used as energy right away. If it is, great! If not, it quickly turns into fat and is one of the last kinds of fuel to be used up by the body, which means it goes straight to your love handles and sticks there until the body burns off other fuels first. Now, if you think you can workout harder and burn all the sugar right away and not give it time to turn into fat and turn into love handles, you may be right. BUT, then other unused good fuel turns into fat and does the love handle thing. Get it?

The BEST thing you can do is eliminate as much sugar as possible and let your body find other fuel to use. That’s what the human body was designed to do.

Now, what you drink is just as important, but it’s a LOT easier to understand……drink a LOT of water….PERIOD! Forget all the soda, alcohol, shakes and stuff like that. Just good old fashion water is the BEST thing can give your body. Nuf said.

Step 2: Workout and Sweat!

By workout I mean do some sort of physical activity….and here’s the key physical activity…..SWEAT! That’s right, I said sweat. Once that drop of sweat is dripping off your nose, you know you’re getting a great workout in.

I don’t care if you walk, run, bike, lift weights, do yoga, use stretchy bands, do push ups and pull ups…..just do something to elevate your heart rate and make you sweat! Once you start doing that, THEN you can experiment with different types and variations of workouts. But first train your body to sweat, that’s the key.

I won’t get into which workout is better for this or that, so for now just focus on doing something.

Remember this little tip, when you’re body sweats, it’s changing for the better.

Step 3: Sleep

Sleep? Really? What does sleep have to do with getting fit? Easy, the human body needs rest to rebuild itself. It needs this downtime to recharge. Just like when you plug in your cell phone when the battery is dead, the same goes for the human body. Sleep time is nature’s version of recharging batteries.

Notice I didn’t say sit in your lazy boy and veg in front of the TV all day, that’s not sleeping….that’s relaxing. Although some nice relaxation time is good every so often, it’s not that same as sleeping. You’re not recharging your batteries.

Ideally, it’s said to get 8 hours of sleep, but for some people that’s just not possible. Just put yourself in a position to get the best and deepest night’s sleep possible, that’s what we’re looking for, OK?

So there you have it, 3 simple steps to get you into better shape. Now, will these 3 steps get you to that magazine model body? Probably not, but it IS a foundation to get going, plain and simple. I promise you that if you follow these three steps….and stay consistent…you will see results quicker than you think.

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