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Who is Andrew?

Creator of the "In and Out, Top to Bottom" Fitness Program
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.
AAHF SrFit Mature Fitness Certified
Host of the "TFS Interview Series Podcast" featuring over 50 Fitness Interviews.
Graduate of Saint Joseph's College.
Future Marvel Super Hero.
An All Around Great Guy!

 I'm just a regular guy who was reaching middle age (OK, I was over 40 years old!) Oh sure,  I was once a regular gym goer (I was with Bally's national gym for a LONG time). I'm sure you know the routine. I would go to the gym, meet up with my workout partners, do our thing, then leave. It was a fun time!

As time went on, as much as I enjoyed the workouts, life kept getting in the way and I didn't always have time to go to the gym. 5 times a week turned into 4, then Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then…maybe a workout on Fridays because, you know, the week was tough and I just didn't feel like going. After all, I could go on Saturday mornings and do my workout, right? Saturday mornings came and low and behold, I had things to get done around the house, so no workout.

Can you relate?

After a while, I felt like I didn't fit into that kind of gym anymore. Everyone was younger, more "preppy" as I like to call it, more social hour than sweat time, etc. Oh, I still wanted to workout and get my sweat on, but my Go-To-The-Gym-With-My-Buddies time was getting fewer and and further between. And, the same thing started happening with my workout buddies as well.

My eating habits started to suffer, my clothes kept shrinking (it's amazing how that happens, eh?) Even though it was hard to admit, my body just wasn't in the shape it once was. How could that have happened? After all, I was going to the gym and working out MAYBE one time a week! That's all I needed, right?

I said enough was enough, I was going to get back to the gym, do my workouts with or without my buddies, and get back to where I once was. Well, that didn't last long. Going to the gym just wasn't as fun as it once was. Oh, I still wanted to workout, but I needed a different atmosphere.

So, I started searching the internet for others in my mindset and situation and low and behold, I found a whole slew of folks, both MEN AND WOMEN, who had workout programs, lifestyle situations, careers, and so on to which I could relate. Just all around interesting folks. (Did I say both MEN AND WOMEN?) I decided to reach out and tap into the minds of these folks and what I found out was how interesting each and everyone of them were.

I said why not do recorded interviews with these people and share them with others? So I did! That's when Top Fitness Strategies was born! (granted, it was under a different name at that point)

To shorten the story a bit, the TFS interview model then morphed into more of a "Fitness over 40" type of thing because….well….you know….I was over 40 years old and I could relate more to this mindset. So now here it is, Top Fitness Strategies for MEN AND WOMEN over 40 (by the way, any age can benefit from the info these folks give).

Give it a try, listen to the podcasts of fitness professionals I line up for you. Become a Fitness Insider and see what it's all about. Here's your special invite to be my guest to find out more and get back in shape and make yourself look better, and more importantly FEEL BETTER!

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