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Fitness Over 45: How Good Is Alcohol?

Let’s talk about alcohol and the affects it has on your body (in terms of being healthy and working out).  We hear all the time that “alcohol is bad for you” “alcohol makes you gain weight” and stuff like that, right?  Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m Italian and drinking wine is part of my culture.  Now, the last time I checked, wine was considered alcohol, so yes I drink alcohol.  I say that because I don’t believe alcohol, in small amounts, is bad for you.  I do believe, though, that excessive amount of alcohol is bad for you.  

But today, I’m not going to focus on how much you should or should not drink, but WHEN you should be drinking it (again, in terms of being healthy and working out).  How many of us, no matter in what stage you are in your workout cycle, go out to a friend’s party and say “I’ll just drink a little to be social because after all, I’m trying to lose weight and get fit”.  Now, there is nothing wrong with this, but do you understand how your body reacts to fuel intake at different times of the day?  If not, I’ll give you a brief explanation, which is what this article is all about.

Fitness Over 45: Expectations…What Should You Expect?

Q: Andrew, I read what you say about 30-60 workouts, 3-5 times a week.  Back in the day, when I would work out, I'd be at the gym 2 hours a night, 5-6 days a week.  LOVED the results I got then.  What could I expect with your philosophy?

A: You know, you're playing in my sandbox now!  I was just like you!  I would spend a couple of hours a day at the gym as well.  Man, was it fun!  The guys I worked out with and I had a blast and we worked our butts off!  And YES, we saw amazing results!

But guess what?  Life happened and gym time became less and less.  Working out would drop further down on the priority list and pretty soon, non-existent.   Can you dig it? But, I won't go into my life story (you can read my bio HERE)

The question at hand is what I could you expect with working out 30-60 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week, right?

I'll tell you this much, you can expect RESULTS, that's what!

I will promise you this, if you do an honest effort and be consistent with you workouts, and quit eating crap, you will see changes within the next 30 days. 

With these changes, here's what you can expect…

Your clothes will fit differently and you'll feel different, 
your attitude will change, you'll have more energy 
and you'll be more productive! 

THAT'S what you can expect!  BUT, the choice is YOURS to make!  Once you make that choice to do something, you'll see and 
understand what I'm talking about?  Dig it?

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Keep the questions coming!  Love em!

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Can Foods Make You Feel Sexy?

by Andrew 0 Comments

Have you ever felt like you're not as attractive to your mate, your partner, or even just the opposite sex as you used to be?  Could it be because you feel your body doesn't look like you would like it to "in the bedroom", so to speak?  Maybe you just plain don't feel as sexy as you used to, hum?

Do your "sexy bedroom clothes" stay in the draw and may be replaced by the "these will be ok" clothes?

If you've ever been fit and healthy, you already know that's one of the keys to BEING a bit more sexy, if you will.  Not only that, but being fit and healthy makes you feel more alive and more wanting to do something, which really makes you're partner happy as well. *wink*

So, I'll tell you what, let me see if I can help you get that feeling back by taking a few simple steps in the health and fitness department, ok?