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Hard Work Pays Off……So Of

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We've always heard that hard work pays off, and yes I truly believe that statement, but I do want to put a teenie weenie little extra on the phrase….IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Look at it this way, lets say you want to plant a garden.  You plot out the land, you dig it up, plant the seeds and you're all ready to go, right?  Wrong!  What about water?  What about fertilizer?  What about knowing how to keep wild animals away?  And I can go on and on.

What's this got to do with fitness?  Quite a bit, actually.  Everyday, we are bombarded with advertisements saying to buy this equiptment or take this suppliment and stuff like that, right?  Come on, you know what I'm talking about. 

But what a lot of this stuff is missing is having someone one guide you, show you, train you the RIGHT way to do it!

Sure, you can watch YouTube and see how others are doing it all day long.  But, if you're like most people, you have to learn it by doing it.  Who better to show you how to do "it" than somoene who's already done it?  Hands on training, or at least "follow me, do as I do" type training.

In today's world of the internet, you can find products, goods, services, ideas, programs, suppliments all day long. But what good is it (are they) if no one is there to help you out, to teach you, to instruct you, to show you the proper use, ect? 

Now, ideally, have you're very own personal trainer is the best way to do it, but it's not always possible to do it. So, the next option is to follow someone who is doing what you want to do, learn from them and ask questions. 

That's what we at TFS have in place.  We've got internviews with fitness folks from around the world.  We have podcasts, videos, articles and our very own exclusive Q&A Newsletter, which you can access HERE!

So, you cannot use the "I don't know how" excuse any longer because I just shattered that one for you! 

Now go out there and go live that fit and healthy lifestyle!


How To Create Change In Your Life

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There are a few automatic certainties in life, and one of them is living a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Why do I say it's automatic?  Because, when you stop and think about it, there are only 3 possible choices you have to live the fit and healthy lifestyle, especially if you're in the "Fit Over 45" crowd.
Top Fitness Strategies

Here are the 3 choices:

1) You are fit and healthy.
2) You're in the process of becoming fit and healthy
3) You are not fit and healthy.

That's it, there are no other choices. 

But the real mind bender is, no matter which choice you're currently living in…

This Is What I Choose. What Do You Choose?

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Top Fitness Strategies

I choose to eat foods that are healthy.
I choose to smile at strangers and say “good morning.”
I choose to do physical activities.
I choose what I listen to on the radio.
I choose to not go to fast food restaurants.
I choose to hold the door for someone else.
I choose to do that extra set during my workout.
I choose to not put others down.
I choose to believe professional wrestling is real.
I choose to say “great job!” to those that could use encouragement.
I choose to sweat during my workouts.
I choose to pick up trash and put it in the trash barrel.
I choose to “spot” someone lifting weights.
I choose whether to take the stairs or the elevator.
I choose to wash my car when it’s dirty.
I choose how I conduct my life.
I choose to sing in my car.
I choose whether to put butter on my popcorn or not.

Now tell me, do you choose what you do?