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Seriously, You Don’t Need A Gym Membership To Get Fit

If you spent any time at all in the fitness world, you've heard someone say, "I need to get a gym membership so I can get in shape."

I'm here to tell you that you DO NOT need to join a gym to get in shape!  Now please, before all you gym rats get your panties in a bunch and think I'm telling people NOT to go to a gym, that's not what I am not saying!

What I'm saying is, a gym is not the be-all-that-ends-all way to get in shape.  There are several other options.  Of course, there's always the running, biking, swimming thing, which I encourage anyone to try.  But then there is also the home workout option.

I can hear it now, "But Andrew, I don't have all the equipment that a gym has, I can't possibly to the things at home that I can do at a gym."

Top Fitness Strategies

To that I say, you're probably right, but who says you need to use all that fancy-dancy equipment to get into shape?   I can give you example after example after example of people who NEVER touch a weight and they have a rockin' body (both women and men).

How do they do it?  It's actually quite simple.  It's going back to basics, using equipment you already have and which nature provides as well.

Sure, it's not glamorous, it's not "sexy", heck, in some circles it may not be cool, but believe me, it gets the job done!

What Has Changed…You Or Fast Food?

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I know I'll get blasted for writing about "fast food", but I really don't care because…..well….this is my blog and I'll write whatever I want! 

Remember when we were kids?  Going to a fast food place was a treat!  At least in my house, it was very seldom we got to go to a fast food place, and when we did, WoW!  Talk about feeling great! 

Top Fitness Strategies

Then, when we got our driver license, it wasn't so much a treat, but a pit stop after a night of drinking, yes?

Then, when we developed a family, going to a fast food place was a convinience, because after all, it was on the way home.

Put Weights In My Hands And Jumping? Really?

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As I sit here thinking what to write, I read through my notes (I keep a notepad with quotes and sayings) and came across this one I wrote…."The days of me putting weights in my hand and jumping on a 4 foot box are over!"   So, I thought I'd explain that one.

You see, I'm at the age now, and this is what TFS is all about, where I'm not looking to bench press a Buick, run a 4 minute mile, spend 2 hours in a gym, or get below 10% body fat.  As nice as all those things are, I'm just not interested in them any more.   BUT, what I am interested in is getting healthier and fitter and teaching other "Over 45 Year Old Folks" how to do the same.
Top Fitness Strategies

So, I'll write a new entry to my blog every day for the next 30 days to let you know what I'm up to.   I plan on making these posts fun to read, easy to follow and (hopefully) give you some inspiration to do the same!

Some posts will be about the exercise routine I did that day, some will be about a philosophy I have, some may be about weight loss things I can share, and some may be about how to free up time in your day to accomplish