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Raw Food Green Smoothie

If you’ve done anything with Raw Food, you’ve heard the term “Green Juice.”  What goes with Green Juice, and the raw food lifestyle, are smoothies!  Yes folks, you read that right, Green Juice Smoothies! 

What is this Smoothie we’re talking about?  The best way I know of to explain this is to think of your favorite ice cream joint.  You know the shakes and smoothies you get there?  The same concept goes

Workout Program Missteps

Working out is something that a lot of people try at least one time in their lives.  I'm not talking about high school sports, I'm talking about actually going to a gym or buying workout equipment for the purpose of getting into shape.

But, a lot of these people have no clue as to what they are doing.  Oh, it's no fault of their own, it's just something they really don't know about. 

Today, I will outline some common missteps people do when engaging in a workout program.  Whether it's for losing weight or gaining muscle, understanding the process and avoiding missteps will give you a much better workout and, therefore, much better results.

Workout Misstep: Not Knowing What To Do

First of all, I'm a firm believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, especially when working out.

That being said, you really should develop some sort of plan when beginning your workout routine.  Whether you're doing weight lifting or a cardio routine, knowing what you're going to do before you go to the gym, or your workout facility.  There are plenty

Six Pack Ab Philosophies

As I'm sure you already know, working on your mid section, or your core, is the best way to strengthen the muscles in that area and, therefore, achieve those great looking abs, the elusive six pack abs, if you will.  Now, before we go on, let's be clear about something, you can have the greatest abs in the word, but if they are covered up, no one can see them.  So, exercising alone will NOT get that six pack ab going for you, you really need to watch what you put into your body.  In other words, learn to eat properly! 

Ok, enough with the eating stuff, let's talk about some philosophy about core muscle building and then