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My Personal “Ab Workout” Philosophy

As I'm sure you already know, working on your mid section, or your core, is the best way to strengthen the muscles in that area and, therefore, achieve those great looking abs, the elusive six pack abs, if you will.  Now, before we go on, let's be clear about something, you can have the greatest abs in the word, but if they are covered up, no one can see them.  So, exercising alone will NOT get that six pack ab going for you, you really need to watch what you put into your body.  In other words, learn to eat properly! 

Ok, enough with the eating stuff, let's talk about some philosophy about core muscle building and then I'll outline a coupe of moves to try on your own to get the core muscle strength you've always wanted, ok?

Now, let's keep in mind, these are my philosophies.  I'm not a doctor nor do I claim to be.  I'm just a regular guy who interviews fitness professionals and is really into fitness and ways to improve the way I look.  One of the ways to improve this look is to get your core muscles in the proper shape for your physique.

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Fitness Over 45: What Did Your Past Look Like?

I always hear and read about people making plans and setting goals.  Now, before you jump to conclusions, I'm all for setting goals, I think that's a nice thing to do for yourself.  But today I gonna ask you to do something different, something unusual and, to a few of you, something painful.  Instead of looking at the future, look at your past.
Yes, I know…"Andrew, what's the point of looking at the past, it's behind me, I want to look ahead."  And you're right, look ahead. 
But for now, think about where you were 5 years ago….10 years ago.  Physically speaking, that is.  Were you in a place you liked?  Were you fit?  Were you not as fit?  Maybe you were overweight.  Maybe you just came of a fitness competition.  

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Has Life Kicked You In The Teeth Yet?

Here at TFS, we focus on the "Fitness Over 45" crowd.  Why? Because I feel strongly this crowd is in need of help living that fit and healthy lifestyle.  (Also, because I'm in that demographic as well!)

Very seldom, and maybe never, have you heard me talk about other personal trainers.  I feel anyone who has taken to the time to get a Personal Trainer's License, no matter for which organization, has some sense and is willing to share knowledge with the world.

Speaking of knowledge, let me ask you a question?  If you're in the "Fit Over 45" crowd, do you feel you have more life experience/knowledge than say, some who is 25 years old?  Sure you do!

I say that to lead into what this article is all about, and it's a saying I've often said. 

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