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Nutrition Tips for the Fitness Over Fifty Crowd

Have you notice that the older we get, the more and more we move away from proper nutrition?   Yes, I’m talking to YOU, the Fitness Over Fifty people!

Think about this, when you go to the doctor and your get blood work readings back, what happens?  More often than not, the doctor prescribes some sort of medication because your cholesterol is too high or your this is too that, or you need to do more of this, etc.  You get the picture as I’m sure maybe you, or a friend of yours, has experienced this, right?

How would you like to get a step ahead of this just a wee bit?  What I mean is, why not do some preventative “stuff” so those readings won’t be so bad?  Believe it or not, there are some simple things you can do with your diet to make it so you, maybe, won’t have to visit the doctor as much.

I’m not a nutritionist, but I do know some common sense tricks to help you out.
Oh, and just because I’m writing towards the Fitness Over Fifty crowd, doesn’t mean these tips don’t apply to you!  Pay attention!
Here are four of them:
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What’s Your Reason For Working Out? Fitness Over Fifty

If you’re in the “Fitness Over Fifty” crown, I have a question for you…..

Why do you workout?  Why do you want to get fit?

Anyone that has worked out for any period of time runs into this question in their mind at least once. Some people go through this every time they put on their workout clothes,

(ESPECIALLY if they are over 50 years old!)

Of course, the usual answers come to mind, the classic answers if you will:
-To lose weight.
-To be healthy.
-To look good in that swimsuit.

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Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

The question, “Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat” is one for the ages!  In the fitness world, the “muscle weigh more than fat” argument has gone on for a LONG time and I’m sure it will continue.

BUT, I’ll add my thoughts on this “muscles weighs more than fat” argument.  Lately, I’ve been reading quite a bit about muscle and fat and this weighs this much and that weighs that much and bla bla bla. Oh, believe me, if you’re into numbers and how everything breaks down into grams and centimeters and how 1 gram of fat burns 9 calories and….well, you get the picture, then it’s truly fascinating. But let’s face it, how many of us really like to understand that kind of stuff? Not a whole heck of a lot of us, right?

Now, if we were competing in body building or figure, that’s a whole different perspective and everything little ounce and gram needs to be accounted for, that’s just the nature of that sport. And if you compete in that sport, you know what I’m talking about.

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