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What Can Your Body Do?

Once you joint the “Fitness Over Fifty” club, you need to realize the human body is actually quite impressive.   All the things it can do is nothing short of a miracle.   But, for purposes of this writing, we’ll stick with the physical stuff, ok?

The human body can run, jump, stretch, flex, bend….just to name a few things. So what does that mean for you, the fitness over fifty person?

Simply put, if you truly do understand the power the human body has, then you would know it is important to develop and improve those traits as much as possible.

I’m not going to talk about which workouts you should or should not be doing. Why, because just about everywhere you turn, another website is popping up telling you to lift this amount of weight or do this exercise instead of that one, and stuff like that there. Continue reading

Workout Mistake by People Over 50

When people over 50 start working out, they tend to make workout mistakes.  Oh sure, everyone makes mistakes in all walks of life, that’s just nature.

But, if you can avoid a workout mistake before you start working out, isn’t that a good thing?

Today, I’m going to discuss one workout mistake people over 50 make when starting to workout.

One of the biggest workout mistakes is not balancing the muscles when working out.  Let me explain a bit…. Continue reading

What Is An Average Workout?

Being in the position I’m in, running a fitness orientated website for the Fitness Over 50 crowd, I get people saying to me quite frequently that they are just average people and not looking for some fancy-dancy workout.  Can you help me and give me just an average workout to do?

This makes me wonder sometimes and here’s why…..I used to interview fitness pro’s from around the globe and everyone one the people I’ve interviewed, yes EVERY ONE OF THEM, gear their instructions to the person just starting out in the fitness or health world.  No “advanced stuff”, so to speak. They do it that way because it’s the common sense way to approach health and fitness.  They, like me, want to see people get healthy, that’s the goal!

All that being said, getting back to the comment about what workout can an average person do. Let’s think about this for a minute. What is an average person? What does an average person do?

Here is a day in the life of average Joe Lunchbucket, or average Jill Professional: Continue reading