At Home Fitness Program

Here’s How To Workout In Your Own Home,
Get In Better Shape and
Be Ready For The Next Stage of Your Fitness Life!

The key is to tap into the Inner Working of….You!
That’s right, you already have it in you to get in shape, eat healthier and be ready for more “advanced” fitness training!


Dear Friend,

Recently I was thinking about why some people can get in really great shape, get their diets just right, be confident and happy all at once while others struggle to understand what to do to even attempt to get into better shape.

I will tell you, however, that the more I look around, the more “fat” and “out of shape” I see.  **If this offends you, then maybe you should take a real look at what I have to say. (Yes, I’m being politically incorrect, deal with it!)**

When I first started writing training material for a group of individuals about sales and sales techniques, (back in the day) what I realized was how I was preparing all this training, unknowingly, not using traditional methods.  I wasn’t reading all the sales books and regurgitating every step the books outline.  What I was doing was using everyday activities, quotes I like, and just plain ol’ common sense with these training. 

In other words, I was doing a non-traditional type of training without even knowing I was doing it.   Why?  Because to me it was just natural.  It was just the way I thought of and looked at the world. 

So then I thought, why not take this sort of “mindset” and “common sense” approach to my workouts and see what happens. 

Let me mention here that I’m not a doctor.   I’m just a Personal Trainer who is looking for ways to be healthier and in shape, and give my clients the same.  I’ve been working out and trying to be fit most of my life, but:

  • Do I have that killer movie star type of body?  Nope. 
  • Do I claim to be in the best shape of my life?  Nope. 
  • Do I brag about having those 6-pack abs?  Nope.

I say all this because I want you to know I’m just a regular guy, no photoshop, no trick photography, no fun house mirrors, no nothing. 

BUT, I’ll bet I’m in better shape than most of society!  At my last Doctor’s visit, he was impressed with how “in shape” I was.  Most of my inside body “stuff” were right at the “good to excellent” mark and my health was A-OK!  In other words, I was about as healthy as I could possibly be for my size and age, which was pretty kick ass if you ask me!

So the question is, “Andrew, what have you been doing?”
“You must be going to a gym all the time.”
“You must be eating all that healthy stuff that rabbits eat.”
“You must not have any fun and enjoy yourself.”

And believe me, I asked myself those same questions.  So I had to take a close look at what I was doing.  What was so unusual about what I did that yes……surprised me!

That’s when I had an epiphany and thought about something that, to me, was a common sense approach to Health and Fitness.

I put it all together and came up with the Inside Out Top to Bottom Fitness Program!


It’s a workout program that not only takes the Health and Fitness approach to being healthy, but it takes concepts and mindsets into play as well.

Did I come up with something new and innovative in the fitness world?  Heck no, not a chance.  There are a lot, and I mean a LOT of great people to listen to out there who really know their stuff.  And I’m proud to say I know several of them and consider them friends of mine. (I’ve even interviewed a lot of them)

So what was I doing?  I was using basic common knowledge that we’ve all known about, threw in some “stuff” I’ve learned from others, sprinkled in my own flair of concepts and mindset techniques, and came up with what I believe to be a common sense approach to getting into better all around shape.

You see, I look at the outside of the body being a workout.  I look at the inside of the body to be health.  And I focus on having the outside meet the inside.  Get it? 

  •  I’m not talking about working out 5 hours a day.
  •  I’m not talking about eating salads and protein shakes all the time.
  • I’m not talking about taking any magic pills or potions either.

I am taking about doing some work (about 45 minutes a day) and focus more on what and how you eat. 

Yes, it’s really that simple.

Here’s the cool part, you can keep eating what you’re currently eating if you choose.  Stick with your comfort foods if you wish, I’m good with it.

I can hear it now, “Andrew, I’m not some workout person like you, I haven’t worked out in so long I wouldn’t know where to start.”  Not an issue, if that’s you, then you’re already starting with the right kind of mindset!  Because I will take you from your current couch potato mindset and ease you into something more, something you’ll be proud of when you look in a mirror.


Oh, if you’re currently a Swimsuit model, then this program may not be for you.  If you’ve just won a body building contest, then I’ll encourage you to NOT get this program.

But, if you’re wanting to change something in your life, get more fit and healthy, feel good about yourself, get stronger and look better, then this program may be just the ticket for you.

If you’re wanting to get back in the gym, but don’t know where to start, you can use this program as your stepping stone to get there.  

If you want to see if you actually have the will power to change something in your life, I can help you!

The cool thing is, you can do the Inside Out Top to Bottom Fitness Program in the comfort and the concealment of your own home, no one else has to know.  Then, if you feel comfortable to do so, you can step back into the gym without that “I’m embarrassed” feeling.

The IOTB program does take work, don’t get me wrong, but if you give it about 45 minutes a day, 5 days week, and put a little bit of thought into what you consume, you’ll be amazed as to what you can accomplish in just 3 weeks. 

Oh, did I say 3 weeks?  Yup, I said 3 weeks.  That’s one cycle of the IOTB program.  Less than a month!  If you want to do it more and more, go for it! 

Now, I’ll make you this promise…

You will NOT have 6 pack abs after 3 weeks.
You will NOT have 5% body fat in 3 weeks.
You will NOT be in the best shape of your life in 3 weeks.  (most of us were athletes in high school, so we were in pretty good shape then, eh?)

BUT, you will feel stronger, have more confidence, have a better understanding of how your body works, and just be flat out in better condition than you are now…..if you give it an honest effort.

The equipment you’ll need for the IOTP program is simple:
*Some sort of chin up bar or workout bands.
*A yoga mat or something to lay on.
*A broomstick handle.
*A watch/clock with a second hand (or a stop watch)
*About 45 minutes a day.
*And the willingness to put some effort into a workout program.

Can you handle it?  Only you can decide. 

When I initially rolled the IOTB Fitness Program out, it was offered at $97, and did well.  But, because of this fancy new website, and I want as many people as possible gettng fitter and healthier, I’ve SLASHED that price….BIG TIME!

For a limited time, you can get yourself in better shape and gain that confidence for a whopping $17.  Yes, you read that right, $17!  You’ll get the complete system that’s in a PDF Ebook format that you can download so you can view it as you would like.  Heck, that less than a lunch for two!  That’s less than a movie and popcorn!  That’s less than a gym membership!  What in the world is your excuse for NOT getting this program?

It comes with complete, step by step instructions for each exercise.
I give you an easy to follow system to better understand what you’re putting into your body to better fuel it.
I give you a workout blueprint so you can keep track of your progress. (that you can use time and time again)

All you have to do is provide the effort.  I know you can, but the question is, will you?

If this is something you feel you can do, then let’s get started.  

Click the order button below to get the Inside Out Top to Bottom Fitness Program.


Oh, I’m currently using Paypal, so you’ll get a receipt from them, just so you know.

(and my parent company is Poletto Productions)

Of course, I do have my 30 day,  100% money back guarantee.   If, within the first 30 days,  you feel this program is too hard, or you can’t hack it, or you just don’t like it, no worries.  Just shoot me an email and we’ll get your money back, it’s that simple.  I want you to be healthy, fit and confident like I know you can be.  So go for it, what have you go to lose.