Nutrition Tips for the Fitness Over Fifty Crowd

Have you notice that the older we get, the more and more we move away from proper nutrition?   Yes, I’m talking to YOU, the Fitness Over Fifty people!

Think about this, when you go to the doctor and your get blood work readings back, what happens?  More often than not, the doctor prescribes some sort of medication because your cholesterol is too high or your this is too that, or you need to do more of this, etc.  You get the picture as I’m sure maybe you, or a friend of yours, has experienced this, right?

How would you like to get a step ahead of this just a wee bit?  What I mean is, why not do some preventative “stuff” so those readings won’t be so bad?  Believe it or not, there are some simple things you can do with your diet to make it so you, maybe, won’t have to visit the doctor as much.

I’m not a nutritionist, but I do know some common sense tricks to help you out.
Oh, and just because I’m writing towards the Fitness Over Fifty crowd, doesn’t mean these tips don’t apply to you!  Pay attention!
Here are four of them:

1. Cut Out Sugar.

You’ve heard this before, but I’ll stress it again, sugar is BAD for you!  Wait, let me restate the, PROCESSED sugar is bad for you! The human body was not designed to function well on processed sugar. Sure, we all consume sugar on a daily basis, but what I’m saying is be aware of it and use LESS of it  For instance, and I’m sure I’ll piss a lot of people off here, but quit putting sugar in your coffee!  Instead, use natural honey. I’m sure you can think of other times you use sugar throughout the day, but cutting back will do wonders for your health. A doctor friend of mine, a cardiologist, said this to me once and I wanted to relay it to you, SUGAR IS POISON!

2. Use Less Salt

I’m still baffled from what I see when it comes to salt usage. If this is you, I still gotta ask why?  Are you the person who, before you even taste your food, grabs the salt shaker and adds salt to it?  You don’t even know how it tastes yet!  Other than, “I like salt”, no one has ever been able to justify that for me.  Let me give it to you straight, too much salt hurts the human body!  We get plenty of salt from the preparation of the food. Sure, sometimes it needs a bit more, but more often than not, it does not!  So put that salt shaker down! Heck, don’t even have it on the table! Salt retains water, if water isn’t allowed to flow through the body, that’s bad. The choice is yours, but I wanted to make you aware of it.


3. Drink More Water

Speaking of water, I’ll encourage you to drink more of it. I don’t care if you like the taste of it or not, drink it anyway to better your health!  Folks, this is a simple thing. There are water fountains, water stations, faucets and such EVERYWHERE!  Use them! The human body is made up of mostly water! Water filters out the “bad stuff”. BUT, the water holding the “bad stuff” needs to be replaced or that “bad stuff” will stay in your body, is that what you want? I know I don’t. Sure, you’ll go pee more, but that’s a good thing! Drink water baby! That’s what I’ll tell you.


4. Eat Fruits and Veggies Daily

Remember, when you were a kid, what was told to you? An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Why did you stop eating that apple? Fruits and veggies are good for you, period! You can get all kinds of vitamins from fruits and veggies, so why not take advantage of them? I’m asking you to focus on eating a piece of fruit every day and some sort of veggie every day. I don’t care if you eat it whole or blend it up or juice it, just do it!  Stop by a farmers market and pick some stuff up. You don’t have to change your whole diet, just some simple changes is all I’m asking you to do.

There you have it, four simple nutrition tips to help you out and possibly avoid that negative blood work result. Did I say anything out of the norm? Did I tell you anything you can’t do?

Oh sure, you may not WANT to do it, but bottom line, it’s your health. You do what you want. You gotta want it for yourself. It’s the simple things that pay off big time for you!

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