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3 Simple Steps To Get Fit and Healthy

If you’ve read anything I write, you know by now I like to keep things simple.  For the “Fitness Over Fifty” crowd, we sometimes need simple!  So, I’m giving you 3 simple steps to follow to get healthier, ok?

I feel that basic, simple information will go further than complicated information. I feel this way because I believe the human mind will, eventually, grasp the simpleness of what’s going on and direct you to do whatever it is you’re doing in a more and more complex way. Or, at the least, get a deeper understanding of this simpleness and get it ingrained in your subconscious mind. In other words, it becomes second nature. Make sense?

So, that being said, let’s talk about fitness because, after all, this site is called “Top Fitness Strategies”…duh! In order to keep fitness simple, you have to do simple things, right? After all, that IS the easiest way to do it.

I will outline 3 simple steps plan to give you a little nudge towards a fitter you. If you’re already nice and fit, feel free to add to what I have to say in the comments, ok?

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Fitness Over 45: What Are D.O.M.S.?

For the people that have never worked out and decided to start, they don't know what they are in for!  But, I will give some indication as to what to be ready to feel!

The main thing one has to realize is that when you work out, you use muscles in a way you probably don't do every day.  When this happens, the muscles say "hey, what in the world just happened?  I'm not used to doing that movement.  Guess I'll have to start adapting."

Yes, you'll feel tired when you're done with the workout, but the real "soreness" may not happen for a day or two after you do the workout.  This "soreness" is commonly referred to as "DOMS", which stands for: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. If you've experienced this, you'll know that it's a good soreness, as I like to call it.  This is what you WANT to feel after a workout.

Once a new person experiences this feeling, they don't like it (because it's so different) and therefore, they may feel they did something wrong with the exercise and decided to stop working out.

My advice is to NOT STOP working out!  The DOMS are what you WANT to feel!  Now, you may feel like you shouldn't do that same workout the next day, but go ahead, it's cool.  But, there's no harm in waiting 3 or 4 days to repeat that exercise.  Instead, do something else, work out another part of the body or another muscle group. 

Your goal, as a new workout person, is to achieve this DOMS feeling with every workout.  No I'm not crazy, I'm just telling you like it is.  I personally like it when I get DOMS, it tells me I'm doing something right for my body.

Yup, short and sweet, but I wanted to get this written for ya.  Looking for me?  No worries, you can go HERE and you'll get more info geared towards the "Fitness Over 45" crowd!

Here’s A Basic Workout To Get You Started

One of the most confusing things to do wihen starting to workout (again) is knowing what to do.  Sometimes, it's intimidating to go to the gym.  On top of that, once you get over the intimidation, then you need to figure out something to do.  Then, once you get to that point, it's a bit overwhelming to start lifting weights in front of all those people.
BUT, I have a solution for you!  Something that can be done in the comfort of your own home AND you don't need any weights to do it!
So, without going on and on about it, I'll get right to it.  It's squats and it's push-ups.  By squats I mean just your natural body weight squats.  Some people call them deep knee bends. But whatever you prefer to call them.

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