4 BIG Workout Missteps

Working out is something that a lot of people try at least one time in their lives. But what they don’t think about are some of the workout missteps that come along with working out.  I’m not talking about high school sports, I’m talking about actually going to a gym or buying workout equipment for the purpose of getting into shape.

But, a lot of these people have no clue as to what they are doing. Oh, it’s no fault of their own, it’s just something they really don’t know about.

Today, I will outline some common missteps people do when engaging in a workout program. Whether it’s for losing weight or gaining muscle, understanding the process and avoiding missteps will give you a much better workout and, therefore, much better results.

Workout Missteps: Not Knowing What To Do

First of all, I’m a firm believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, especially when working out.

That being said, you really should develop some sort of plan when beginning your workout routine. Whether you’re doing weight lifting or a cardio routine, knowing what you’re going to do before you go to the gym, or your workout facility. There are plenty of routines you can find on the internet to get you started. BUT, word of caution, do NOT get side tracked by all the different routines you find. Go for one and try it for while and see what you think. Which leads me to…..

Workout Missteps: Doing The Same Workout Over and Over

First of all, make sure you understand that the more frequent you do a workout, the more complacent your muscles will become. You want to “shock” your muscles every once in a while. So, every 3 or 4 weeks, switch your workout routine around. Some people will do the same thing everyday, which is fine for what you are going for at this point. But, like I said, every 3 to 4 weeks, switch up the routine a bit. For two reasons, to “shock” your muscles and to avoid being bored.  Actually, the boredom thing is probably the biggest reason.  The one thing you don’t EVER want to do is get bored with your workouts!  Why?  Because you won’t continue to do it to begin with!

Workout Missteps: Quantity over Quality.

Any trainer worth anything will tell you that it’s not the length of the workout, it’s what you do within the time frame of your workout what counts. When working out, you need to be aware of what you’re doing, not just go through the motions. When you concentrate during your workout, you’ll get so much more from each workout.

A good example is push ups.  You may be able to do 500 in 5 minutes, but how good is the quality?  My point is, if you forego quality just to get the quantity,  your actual workout may suffer and, even more important, you may get injured!

Workout Missteps: Comparing Yourself to Others

No matter how much or how little you can lift, no matter how fast or how slow you can run, no matter how many or how few pull ups you can do, there will always be someone who can do more. So what? Your goal should NEVER be to lift heavier or run faster than the next person. Your goal should be to do what’s best for you. Oh sure, friendly competition is great when working out with a partner, but feeling good or being discourage based on what you can or cannot do compared to others will ultimately get you in a depressed mode and, therefore, un-motivate you from working out in the future.

NO ONE in ANY GYM will discourage you for doing or not doing something. If you do happen to find that one person who’s the exception to the rule, run away as fast as you can because that is NOT how people in a gym behave.

There you go, if you are aware of these missteps, you’ll go further faster getting you body into shape!

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