Workout Mistake by People Over 50

When people over 50 start working out, they tend to make workout mistakes.  Oh sure, everyone makes mistakes in all walks of life, that’s just nature.

But, if you can avoid a workout mistake before you start working out, isn’t that a good thing?

Today, I’m going to discuss one workout mistake people over 50 make when starting to workout.

One of the biggest workout mistakes is not balancing the muscles when working out.  Let me explain a bit….

Now, keeping everything in the “broad stroke” mindset, there are two types of balancing when it comes to workouts.  One is to switch up cardio and resistance workouts.  You should not always do one without doing the other.

The other balancing workout mistake I’m talking about is balancing the muscles being worked that particular session.  There is something called a “push” exercise and a “pull” exercise.

A “push” exercise is something like a push up (duh!) or a bench press.
A “pull” exercise is something like a pull up (another duh!) or even a bicep curl.

There are some circles out there that claim for every push exercise you do, you should do a pull exercise.  Is that totally true in every instance?  Of course not.  BUT, we are talking about basic workouts, just getting back into shape and trying to understand how your body works.

But most of all, we want you to AVOID workout mistakes!  And, one way to avoid workout mistakes is to balance your muscles during the workout, get it?

Again, this article is more of a broad strokes information kind of thing.  As you progress and start doing more and more, you’ll learn to balance things out according to how you feel.

But to keep things basic, and avoid workout mistakes, understanding this simple balance thing will make a HUGE difference for you!

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